About stud farm

In 2003 private enterprise “Petrikoskiy pedigree stud farm” was founded in urban village Petrikovka of Petrivovsiy district in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.

Main goals: reproduction, raising, training and sale of horses for Olympic kinds of equestrian sport: overcoming of barriers (show jumping), dressage, triathlon.

Uterine livestock population

Petrivoskiy pedigree stud farm includes mares of different sport breeds:

-          Holstein

-          Westphalian

-          Belgium warm-blooded (BWB)

-          French  torrent (SF) and others.


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Petrivoskiy pedigree stud farm has 230 ha of pastures. Presence of big areas for pastures and year-round pasturing of mares and foals, use of balanced feed that are produced at pedigree stud farm according to the newest German technologies, good veterinary service provide ideal conditions to  grow  strong young animals up. Nowadays methods of artificial insemination are actively used.


On the territory of pedigree stud farm there is riding house, that is connected with the sports stable, mare stable, field for dressage and show jumping with modern set for steeplechase, fragments of route of field tests, place for jumping over battier of horses at large, special device like roundabout for 6 heads.

Modern sports stable consists of four sections, meant for keeping of 78 horses, mare stable – for 40 stalls. There is a veterinary consulting room and hall for covering, where coupling and artificial insemination of mares take place, and medical manipulation is held. There is a vet and a medical assistant in the staff.

Sport masters of sports

Kopylov Vladimir is a senior trainer of combined team of Dnepropetrovsk area, member of council of Ukraine of equestrian sport, master of sports. He runs training of horse population. The following masters of sports of international class Sergey Chernykh, Yuriy Markelov, Konstantin Zolin, Evgeniy Indushkin, Artur Gafilin, Yuriy Krasun and candidates for master of sports such as Anna Kopylova, Yaroslav Rybka and others perform successfully on championships, Cup of Ukraine and international competitions under the leadership of Kopylov V. I. on the horses of Petrivoskiy pedigree stud farm.

Sports achievements

Petrivoskiy pedigree stud farm is proud of its sportsmen, horses and awards, received for skill and daily tireless work.

You can track our acheivements in the "NEWS" link in the main menu.


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